Elevate Efficiency with Our Expertly Crafted Komatsu Hydraulic Pumps


In the realm of hydraulic systems, the role of a reliable hydraulic pump is paramount. As a leading Komatsu hydraulic pump factory, we take pride in our expertise in designing and manufacturing hydraulic pumps that meet and exceed industry standards. Our Komatsu hydraulic pumps are crafted with precision to cater to the diverse needs of hydraulic systems in various applications. Whether you are in the construction, mining, or industrial sector, our pumps are designed to deliver superior performance, durability, and efficiency.

V-TECH (VAV) not only specialize in Komatsu Gasket Repair Kits, but also specialize in Komatsu engine related products such as: Cylinder Liner, Engine Valve, Liner Kit, Piston Ring, Engine Bearing, Piston Set, Hydraulic Pump and etc. V-TECH offers repair kits for Water Pump, Air Compressor, and Transmission too.

The key to the success of our Komatsu hydraulic pump factory lies in our commitment to using advanced technology and high-quality materials. Each pump undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets the stringent requirements of Komatsu-powered equipment, providing a seamless and reliable hydraulic solution. As you explore our range of Komatsu hydraulic pumps, you'll find solutions tailored to diverse applications. From compact excavators to heavy-duty construction machinery, our pumps are engineered to withstand the demands of challenging environments. Whether you are a fleet manager or a heavy equipment operator, our Komatsu hydraulic pumps are your trusted partners in ensuring the optimal functionality of your hydraulic systems.